Barry Maheswara, S.H.

Barry Maheswara is one of Klikonsul’s founding partners. He graduated from Law Faculty of University of Indonesia in 2012, and since then has attended several different courses in corporate finance, business management, and marketing in Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania State University. Barry is known for his specialty in music related business. His vast knowledge and passion in music industry has helped him to be one of Indonesia’s most prominent young lawyers in the industry. Barry also handles general corporate works, focusing primarily on M&A, debt restructuring, project financing, and distribution deals. He has worked with major companies and influential individuals in the industry. His knowledge in business, finance, and marketing is proven helpful to provide advices to his clients in broad perspective. He’s the guy you definitely want to hire as your legal and business counsel.

Gigih Anangda Perwira, S.H.

Gigih’s fascination towards entertainment law began in 2012, when he collaborated with Barry to complete the acquisition of assets for a major label in Indonesia. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Gigih has worked as a corporate lawyer in the field of natural resources. His experience varies from legal consultation, contract drafting, structuring transaction, litigation, and permit application; and everything is done in a fast, efficient, and detailed manner. His passion for Japanese animation, video games, and technology will continue to strive him to apply his knowledge of law and competence in advancing the entertainment industry in Indonesia.ik besar di Indonesia. Lulus dari Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia, Gigih pernah bekerja sebagai pengacara corporate dalam bidang sumber daya alam. Ia telah berpengalaman dalam banyak aspek hukum, mulai dari konsultasi hukum, penyusunan kontrak, merancang struktur transaksi, litigasi, hingga perizinan; yang dikerjakannya dengan cepat, efisien, dan rinci. Kegemarannya akan animasi Jepang, video game, dan teknologi terus memacunya untuk menerapkan kemampuan dan pengetahuannya akan hukum demi memajukan industri entertainment di Indonesia.

Fallissa Putri, S.H.

Fallissa Putri graduated from School of Law, University of Indonesia in 2012 and was inaugurated as an advocate in 2016. Putri has various legal experiences in private and public sectors. As a private legal practitioner, Putri drafts contracts and consults for, among others, intellectual property, labor, corporate, state administration, and land laws. Meanwhile, in the public sector, Putri is actively involved in formulating policy as well as the national vision and mission of Indonesian creative economy with the Creative Economy Agency. Putri has provided legal consultation for film distribution, film financing, film production, branding and design service trade, startup establishment, book publishing, and others. Putri also teaches labor, agreement, and intellectual property laws in small, informal classes.

Christina Desy, S.H.

Christina is not just a graduate of Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia; she is also a former corporate lawyer, a trained musician, and a legal analyst for Klikonsul. She has passed her bar exam in May 2014. She used to work at a prominent law firm in Jakarta and gained exposure towards various business transactions, specifically in banking, finance, investment, and capital market. Drafting agreements is one of her strongest virtues, as well as coming up with new concepts and solutions for the clients. She believes that every theory will only matter when implemented, which is why she keeps striving to apply her knowledge of law and competence to develop the industry where her heart belongs to the most; the entertainment industry, especially the music industry.