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“If life is a marathon, here’s how you should prepare for it…”

Do you know what main difference a marathon runner and a sprinter have? The former lacks speed and the latter lacks endurance. One can have speed without endurance and having endurance without speed.

In life, your main task is to finish “running” through the whole course while taking sprints to accelerate progress along the way. Better yet, start fast but at a pace that will allow you to succeed in the long run. No need to be the fastest, but as long as you keep moving, you’ll complete the whole race eventually.

That leads to a question: do you know where your finish line lies? If you’re still left wondering, let us help you discover your purpose in life and start to determine your own path.

What is Long Haul about?
INDOESTRI LONG HAUL is a 6-week program developed to gauge your sense of self-discovery and self-awareness in design thinking and creative abilities. We aim to nurture the child, the creator and the entrepreneur in you. We do not act as a substitute for higher academic education, rather complementing it. Here, we emphasize on your ability to create, experiment with ideas and prepare yourself for the business stage while also enriching your life skills. Expect yourself to approach life and businesses through a different perspective, in completion of the program.

Who will be involved?
Our line of instructors for this course consists of practitioners. Expect hands-on and practical knowledge to be thrown in the classroom setting, as well as interactive teaching method being applied throughout this course. You’ll also get to meet other students who you can learn from. Be prepared to jump into the scene and apply the practical knowledge directly into your life and business.

Why should you be interested?
There are a number of reasons to give Indoestri Long Haul a shot. Here are 5 of them:

1. Your mistakes can teach you the most valuable thing.
We’re encouraging you to be as experimental as you can be. Here, hardships are needed and mistakes are embraced; there’s no right or wrong. Think about being a child for the second time. No pressure, no judgement, just being comfortable in your own self, ready to step out of your comfort zone and discover new possibilities.

2. Learn with and from fellow participants in our interactive classes.
Keep an open mind and expect to gain newfound knowledge and insights from other learners. Who knows, your future business partners might be sitting next to you in the class!

3. Gain skills and vantage points to create great brands.
Learning from the best is the most effective way to learn. Some of the best people in the industry will be present to guide you with stories of their own journeys. Sit back, have an open mind, take notes and let those words simmer down your thoughts.

4. How competition can be good for your business stamina.
We’ll equip you with the necessary skill set in order to strive and survive in business – from learning how to present your product in front of a client to having a right attitude. Your skills and talents are equally important, but grit and endurance will set you steadfast on the competition ring.

5. The end of the course is the start of your brand.
If you show us that you’ve got the kicks to play in the league, we will be gladly helping you to reach that goal by endorsing your brand.

Take this long haul program to see if you can finish your marathon with remarkable achievements and enjoying the processes you go through along the way. Time is never on your side, so here’s your chance to act swiftly, just like the sprinters.


Course Structure
This 6-week-course is divided into 3 parts. Each part covers different themes every week. First chapter is about conditioning and ideation, second chapter is about prototyping and industrial application and third chapter is about branding and marketing.

Each 6 hour class broadly follows a similar structure. Students are introduced to the week’s theme and (insert how the classes are going to be conducted in detail).

Weeks 1-2
In the first two weeks of the course, students are introduced to the conditioning of creative mind and taught how to formulate their ideas through brainstorming, case studies and group discussions.

Weeks 3-4
We focus on encouraging the students to substantiate their ideation process through prototyping. This stage also covers the product design and market research aspects in order to communicate and sell their ideas better to the masses.

Weeks 5-6
We conclude the course by emphasizing the importance of creativity in branding and marketing aspect of the business. At this point, student will get the chance to experience first-hand how things are done in a real-life company and able to synthesize their understanding of the subject which have been developed over the previous weeks.

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